Refund and Returns Policy

The flower I’ve received is rotten.

Please contact us at 017-3400967 or 017-6404660 Allow us to investigate in 24-48 hours times. However if the flower is rotten due to the critical environment upon deliver to receiver’s hand, we will not be responsible for the lost.

Can I return my flower / refund after delivery?

No, the flower is not refundable unless you can proof with that the flower is rotten or spoiled by our site. Please note that you will need to email us a photo of the damaged products within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the products in order to be eligible for a refund.

My order was not delivered.

Please allow us to investigate within 24 hours.
We will deliver a new bouquet upon investigated.

Can I cancel my order & request for refund if the flowers haven’t delivered?

If the flowers did not deliver as per requested date. We will be refunding upon investigation.