Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Basic Info

Who is Daisy & Peony Florist?
We are a Malaysia based florist that established in year 2015.
Where are we?
We are based in Bukit Jalil, located at : No 19-3 (3rd Floor), Jalan Puteri 2/1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
What we can do?
We are specializing in creating hand-tied bouquets for any occasions. However, over the time, we have expanded our portfolio to table arrangement, flower standee for any occasions, flower basket and other flower requests based on the latest trend
How long does the flower last?
Generally, our flowers lasts between 2 to 5 days from the day it delivers to the receivers. There are some special types of flowers, which able to last for years and also some could only last for a day. Please refer to the special note on each of the item listed in the website for more information. All types of flowers shall not place under the sun or expose to heat or air-conditional, as it will shorten the life span of the flowers.
How to order?
Step 1: You can click the “add to cart” button on the item. Step 2: If you need delivery service (additional charges depend on area), please calculate shipping fees before proceed to checkout Step 2: Proceed to check out and fill up all necessary information including billing detail, date of delivery, and name of the receiver, the sender detail and message for the receiver. Step 3: Upon completion of step 2, you will receive the tracking number of your order. Step 4: Track your order by key in the tracking number
Can I write message for the receiver?
Yes, you can write your message on the “Special Message” column. Indicate the message is from who by inputting your name in the “From” column.
Do I need to register?
You can create an account at the registration page; or upon check out, please selection “create an account” option. Fill up your email address/username and password.
If I like to walk in instead of online order?
Yes, you can walk in to our retail shop at Bukit Jalil The Link 2, waze "Daisy & Peony Florist Cafe", however the flower bouquet may subject to the stock availability of the day.
There’s nothing I want, can I customize my order?
Yes, customization is always welcome; you can contact our florist to discuss on your special needs. Contact number is 017-3400967 0r 017-640-4660.

Payment Info

How to make payment?
Via Visa/Master Credit Card and Debit Card I’ve encountered difficulties while trying to make payment. If you encounter any difficulties in making payment, please contact us at 017-3400967 or 017-6404660
Can I order today & receive the flower by today?
For the promotion item, the orders, which received before 11.59am, will be able to deliver by 5pm to KL, PJ areas. Example: if you purchased a promotion item on 11am on 10th June 2017, the flower will be able to deliver by 5pm on 10th June 2017 at KL, PJ areas. Subject to the capacity of the day, if same-day delivery option is not available, we will inform the customers in advance. For non-promotion items, we need up to 2 days for preparation. Example, if you purchased non-promotion items on 11am on 10th June 2017, the flower will be able to deliver from 12th June 2017 onward
Can I made changes after I paid?
Changes is only applicable on Non-promotion items prior the delivery dates. You can contact us at 017-3400967 or 017-6404660 for get more clarification.
Can I cancel my order?
No, not applicable as each of the bouquets will be process after the payment made.
What should I do after payment is made?
You will receive a tracking number and if you would like to check if your order is being delivered successfully, please track by using the tracking number. Here’s brief explanation on all the status from our website: - Pending: Item is pending for payment. - Processing: Item has been successfully paid and our florist are processing your order - Completed: Item is ready to picked up or has successfully delivered to the receiver - On-Hold: The bouquet is on hold due to changes from sender’s side.

Delivery Info

Which areas do you delivery?
We deliver to KL, PJ and most of the Klang Valley areas.
Delivery time frame?
Our delivery service starts from: 11am - 6pm
Can I choose specific delivery time?
You can leave a special note to us, we will try our best to match your requested timing, however is subject to the capacity of the day.
How much do you cost for delivery?
We charges by areas, and the fees is calculated from Bangsar to your shipping address. Deliver fees start from RM 15 onward.
Can I track my order?
Yes, you can track your order by clicking below link: Key in the order number & email  to track your order
What if the receiver is not around?
Should the recipient appear to be absent during the delivery, our dispatcher will proceed to leave it to the receptionist (for office area) For housing areas: Option 1: Dispatcher will leave or on the front door or at the guard house (for apartment and condominium) Option 2: Select another date of delivery, please take note this will incur additional delivery cost and the flower condition might be at critical stages due to the lengthening delivery period What should I do if I lost / didn’t get the order ID? Please contact us at 017-3400967 or 017-6404660

Pick Up Info

Where should I pick up by myself?
We are located at The Link 2 Bukit Jalil, waze "Daisy & Peony Florist Cafe", We are located at first floor above a fashion boutique "Le Ann Maxima".
What time available for me to pick up? ( Operation Hours)
Wednesday to Monday : 12pm to 6pm, Tuesday : Closed
What should I do before pick up?
You can check if your order is ready to pick-up by inputting your tracking number in the tracking order page.

Returning and Refunding Info

The flower I received is rotten.
Please contact us at 017-3400967 or 017-6404660 Allow us to investigate in 24-48 hours times. However if the flower is rotten due to the critical environment upon deliver to receiver’s hand, we will not be responsible for the lost.
Can I return my flower / refund after delivery?
No, the flower is not refundable.
My order was not delivered.
Please allow us to investigate within 24 hours. We will deliver a new bouquet upon investigated.
Can I cancel my order & request for refund if the flowers haven’t delivered?
If the flowers did not deliver as per requested date. We will be refunding upon investigation.

Inquiry Info

How do I send inquiries to your florist?
Please contact us at 017-3400967 or 017-6404660.
How do I send report to your florist?
Please drop us email at

Other Info

Do you have Peak Period?
Yes, peak period are when the demand on our flowers are execeeding our capacity. These including Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Chinese New year, etc…
When should I order during Peak Period?
Order your item in advance; we usually will start opening up the ordering system 2 weeks prior the peak period. However, to avoid disappointment, you could provide at least 2 options of delivery dates or pick up date.
Why the price is higher than normal period?
The prices of flowers are seasonal and during the peak period, the demands on flowers are higher than the supply, this caused an price increased from the suppliers side and hence it caused price increased at our side too. Example, prices at Valentine Day is tend to be higher than usual.